Modeling the Rock Island
Railroad By Kelly Housman 

Recreating the historic Rock Island railroad 

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Hello, and welcome.

Webs updated there site engine and it was time for me to finally post some NEW photo's. Let me what you think, or like my site through the FaceBook link. If you have any questions you can always reach me through my contact page.



This site is a journey about remembering one of the great railroads in its day, The Rock Island Railroad. I created this site to follow along as I begin on this journey to recreate a portion of history that is the Rock Island RR.

My goal is to document and blog about the creation of this historical railroad. Well at least the original was historical. I doubt my model layout will be historical in any sense. This online diary will let me relive this expierence and share with others. I hope you enjoy the story as well as the rich history of the Rock Island railroad.

I recomend reading the history of the Rock Island on the History page first. This will really set the tone for the passion of this journey. It was reading this article on Wiki-Pedia the first time that flung me head on into this.

If you'd like to participate with me and following along on this journey feel free to join the memebers area. I'd love to hear from others about their expeiriences as well. Plus by signing up I'll send notices with updates etc. as they come. Additionally you can subscribe to the RSS feed under the blog section. There, I will posting updates to the layout etc.  

About me

I'm a technology guy. I love technology and the opportunity it provides. The World of today is so lucky to have at its fingertips the wealth of information and resources available on the internet. With out it, I never would have found the information to encourage this creation.

I have many hobbies. My wife would say too many. :) but hey life is a playground and I say enjoy every minute of it! I have many passions.... golfing is one of them, motorcycling another, I like photography too, and recently model railroading. I've always liked MR, but until recently never partaken in the hobby.

As a kid my brother and I had a collection of trains, that sat in a box for many years. With limited space I didn't have the room for a dream layout. Until now. We recently moved to a larger home and now I have the space. Time is also a limting factor and still is, so this journey will likely span a year or more. Like I said it will be interesting to look back and relive the experience.


IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL any video plug-ins from this site. I do not know if they are legite or will ad unwanted software to your PC. If I upload any video's they will be in standard format or I'll post links to YouTube.

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